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redfaceI wanted to make a special little announcement concerning my Twitch Channel, after a bit of difficulty and some complications, I finally managed to get partnered today!


What does this mean for Shadbase? I will be doing more regular SFW drawing and gaming streams over there, so I will be using it as my main streaming plattform.  (You can still expect me to stream on Picarto or on Youtube on occasion.) Since I combined my stream with Shadbase you will always get to see when  I go live through the embeded twitch window below.

Currently working on emoticons and badges such as the one you see to your left, thinking of adding a Vault girl head to the emoticon set as well, if you have any ideas and  suggestions let me know.

Hope to see you in the streams sometime, been really fun hanging out with you guys.

And for those who dont care about livestreams and the sorts and just come here to see new Shadbase updates, dont worry this wont slow down any content at all. If anything the streaming helps me focus better, which is why you have been seeing almost daily updates this past week.

So I will see you soon with the new update, and maybe I will see you around in a livestream sometime!

Thankyou again for making this possible, thankyou for supporting Shädbase my friends!