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The time has come

I finally opened a official shadbase Discord Server

Join the fray:

warning chaos, conflict and Discord ahead.


Been spending a day building up the room and assigning mod rules and I think everything is civil and under control for now, you wont be exposed to explicit content unless you go to the rooms dedicated to them.

This discord will be a good backbone for the community of shadbase, its to replace the outdated forum, however I will still keep the Forum up for old times sake.

Either-way, you're welcome to join, dont be shy. Theres text and voice chat, and a lot of like minded people to engage in conversation.

Ill be hanging out in the text chat a lot while working on new stuff.

Will also be bringing people into the Twitch Streams

See you there Soldier.


If theres any questions feel free to ask. Also sorry, no sexy drawing today, I drew this skull logo instead.

have a pinup of me instead.

Jokes aside, Ill have new drawings later this week. If there are any questions regarding the discord, feel free to ask me in the comments.