Zone the absolute madman actually did it! True Legend

Zone was kind enough to finally make his newest grand animation free for the public on and I got permission to share it here too.

(note: its a high quality video file and is around 16 minutes long, so its a bit large, if you have bad internet connection and cant stream view it, you can just hit the download button next to the audio control to play it from your harddrive.)

The subject of this animation is Kylie Griffin from Extreme Ghostbusters, the character from Zones very first Flash animation back in 2005.

I dont usually support or condole pay sites, however in Zones case its different, he genuinely deserves your support for the one of a kind animations take sometimes take litcherally months to complete, and I dont think a lot of erotic artists including myself would have even started what we are doing without his inspiration and encouragement.

You can support  Zone by getting the complete Special Edition at which includes:

• a 1080p super nigh bitrate version
• a ‘VHS-quality’ version for that authentic, 90's feel
• a printable VHS-case inlay
• a VHS-cassette label
• a movie poster
• high-quality versions of both trailers
• high-resolution art from the animation
• 2 wallpapers at 5k resolution
• the Extreme Ghostbusters font that Zone recreated for the titles.

seriously, support artists like zone, hes good people

Hope you all had a wonderful christmas














And no, sharing this is not an excuse for me to be lazy so I wont have to work on anything over the holidays, Im working on new posts for later this week. 

Ok maybe Ill be a little lazy.