Chi-Chi and Bulma taking a break from their mighty husbands by hanging out at the beach. Bulma had a few too many to drink though...

This is the first time Ive ever attempted to draw Dragon Ball characters, Im unfortunately very unfamiliar with the series.

But why now you ask? This has been one of those rare Patreon commissions, and I wanted to complete it in time.  If you wanted to get your own, you can keep an eye out till a slot opens. Or you can just support me there to help keeping Shadbase free and independent.

Let me know if you would be interested in eventually seeing more Dragon Ball stuff on Shadbase.

See you soon with the next update. I got to see whether I should get back on track with the Analwatch project, continue a older  project, or just do something new.

Either way see soon with the next update, same shad-time, same shad-base.