I apologize for my absence.

I was dealing with a lot of shit last week, so I was unable to stream or draw at all.

I was literally dealing with the tech and maintenance side of the site for days.

Dont even want to get into it too much cause id just like to get shit done now.

Long story short:

-Im still just one guy running all this, while drawing the big majority of the art. Unfortunately that entails the business end too, which is boring server stuff and finances. So if something goes wrong, Im the one who has to fix it.

-Been pushing my servers bandwidth to the limits, which had me do a lot of constant maintenance on the site and server these past weeks.
Slowing me down tremendously (you probably noticed by fewer updates)

-Recent DDos attack and security breaches made me realize I need to change the way things work.

-Alot of drama and back and forth with providers, misconfigurations and dns errors.

-My Twitter got hacked

-Now I have much more bandwidth and better performance/security

-Up and running now, only time will tell if this will be an improvement, please let me know here in the comments or on twitter if you noticed any slowdowns, errors or other glitches.

-I hope Im done dealing with website maintenance for a while.

-Lets go back to 2-3 updates per week, several streams a week and bi weekly videos.
Thanks all who have been supportive and understanding throughout this

Im not ready to die