Will be updating this description with some bonus content in the next hours, so for now ill just leave the page here, be right back.

Direct follow up to the last one, decided to try and do all panels from a sort of pov perspective this time, (except for the last 2 cause you can see him in those, but I kept the angle the same).

Let me know what you think of this type of page and if you'd like to see more like it, cause I have some other ideas involving pov perspectives. 

Expressions are a high priority now when it comes to these comics, here are some of the unused/altered ones from the sister, I based her look off the original one I made in the hotdogging comic, but wanted to refined it further.

Since I tried doing multiple poses in the second to last panel in order to simulate motion and you cant really see both of them that well, cause they are blurred together, here are some of the wips of the poses seperate, aswell as the final poses wip and some other details I had laying around for those who have taken an interest in her younger brother.