Well this is obviously not the full scenario I have in mind, I hate to leave the scene at a cliffhanger but the full page was getting wayy to large to finish by this weekend without rushing it, so I split it in 2, the good part is that I already have drawn out all the other scenes and just need to shade and polish them, so that shouldn't take too long, see you soon with the next page.

And fyi, I tried uploading in higher resolution this time than I usually do, so you can read the text better and see more details, if this loads well for everyone I can consider perhabs even higher resolutions in the future, but Id like to keep the file size of images under 8mb.

Also to those who wanted any prints/posters, or to those who wanted to support my work, Ive added these 3 ones to the store, there are also many older ones, if there are any specific latest ones youd like to see for sale, let me know and Ill see if theres enough demand for it.