"I wanna be heard, but leave no trace
I wanna be seen, but take no space
I wanna be, I wanna be, leave no trace"

Im really into high contrast lighting lately, even though this drawing is really dark, I did draw everything out before the darkness, so if you really look at it, hopefully its noticable. I think it gives the shadows more life when you can still see the surface they are being projected on interact with it.

I also drew this PS5 girl sketch after seeing the conference the other day, since the thing has literal pussy flaps.

and for the creative type who are interested in these sorts of things, the units head has been changing all throughout working on this, while I initially was gonna do 2 eyes (cant do 3 thats forever taken) I thought of those 4 eyed nightvision helmets, and figured to create a custom one in goggle form, to give him a more creepy and inhuman vibe.