Who's the little girl living in the haunted mansion?

2 out of 13, is Ashley

Ashley from Wario Ware is a perfect addition to the goth girl series, she is like a little anime version of Emily the Strange.  However in this page I sexualized her little helper instead.

I moved the new  Hermione post from Tuesday Back in the Archive for those who have missed it, I also added episode 1 and 2 of the AnimoPron Lara x Horse animation here on Shadbase, figured since 3 is up, might aswell have the full trilogy up here.

As you noticed there have been a lot of new posts and updates of newer ones, even though the new ones will always be on the frontpage, however when I end up updating older ones, you may not notice, however I always announce on Twitter when there are new additions to posts, so if you havent yet, make sure to follow me on Twitter, its the best way to get the Shadbase newsfeed.