First out of 13 Tragic Cuties is Raven, your most requested and one of my favourite goth girls, who has quite the history here on Shadbase.

Wanted to do something custom and winter themed with her, and decided to pair her up with Blackfire this time, since you dont see that often and blackfire fits more theme and colorwise to the goth setting.

I want to give each 13 of the "Tragic Cuties" set one comic page, to try out something new. Next one coming soon.

For those who have missed it I also added a new animation by Zonkpunch to the archive, you should go check out if you havent yet.

On further news, the weekly re-runs of older Shadbase posters are still going on, so if you are looking for a print or poster, they change every week (around thursday/friday), till March when the new designs come in.