Lets get this Rave(n)-Party going, this is the perfect excuse to draw Raven in different little costumes.

Thank You for all the suggestions so far, there is another page like this planned, so feel free to let me know more costume suggestions if you have any. (Cheerleader, Playboy Bunny and or Teacher Raven are currently being heavily considered)

But after this page I will be taking a little break from the Teen Titans theme, reasons for that are: I got a new animation by Spazkid aka ClassX coming this weekend which you can look forward to. (Wont be spoiling who it will involve). For those who have missed the last one can go see it here. 

Also as some of you know it is the 14th tomorrow which means The Last of Us will come out, which I have preordered, so I will be getting it and playing it tomorrow. As some of you may remember I have started a little comic about it a few weeks ago titled "The Last Orifice", so I will be finishing that up before returning to Teen Titans again.

But you can rest assured T.T.G.F. will be back by the beginning of July or sooner.

But for now please enjoy this special Raven page.

See you this weekend