Starfire is going to fail No Nut November if she keeps going like this.

I wanted to try some more deep throat stuff, but this time Starfire is in control. I also played around some more with the Xray shots, aswell as motion blur, let me know what you think of those, since I dont do either often.

Its currently 4 am on Monday over here as I upload this, I really tried to have this done on Sunday, but I didnt want to scrap any of the panels or their variations. But Ill still count this as a last week upload, since I technically made it last week. Lets see what Im able to get done this week. I definitely want to draw at least one more page for this comic, since there is another position I wanted to try and draw that would be very fitting for this pair. So that should absolutely be done within the next few days. See you then, I really need to go sleep now.

Edit: Here is another look behind the scenes regarding specifically the painting progression of the Raven faces, so you can see how some of them looked like before they got finalized, also added notes what I was thinking, why i made the changes when compared to the final: