Attempted some angles Im not used to in this one, ended up making a lot of panels cause of the different important facial expressions.

Regarding some criticism I have gotten with the last page regarding Ravens Muscles, I agree that I need to tone them down a bit and make her overall look softer, thanks for letting me know, heres why she usually ends up looking pretty bulky lately:

Sine Im currently learning a lot of anatomy I made it a habit of trying to construct naked bodies out of a mess of muscles which I then paint over in order to get a feel where everything is/ connects. Ill try to simplify her body a bit more and make her overall more feminine looking moving forward. 

Dont be shy to criticize things you dont like, otherwise Ill never learn. (But I also appreciate when you tell me what does work, like that I know what to make more of and what to keep doing that way).

Have a Happy Halloween, Ill see what I can do in order to get another post done for Sunday evening.