Starfire is getting into the Halloween spirit, driving Raven "nuts".

First off, man I feel bad about this one taking so long. I really pushed myself trying to get Ravens naturally large boob physics right, as well as other anatomy details I usually dont pay attention to or even attempt.

To give you an idea how this went, I made an example here with the first panel, and tried adding some notes to give you an idea of my thought process. I pretty much had to to end up repainting and redoing every single panel multiple times, some where easier than others but I tried to challenge myself with each one. 

So in short: where I used to make pages more like a race from concept to finish, while sticking to the initial first best pose as close as possible, with these new Raven pages, (especially this newest one) it was more like a journey with an unknown outcome where I explored different poses, paths, bodies and possibilities.

This page had over 30 panels originally, which is why I decided to break it into parts, if I finish all the panels I started there should be 4 pages in total out of this, but Im not sure yet if I should. However I definitely will make one more page at least (page 2 is where all the good action starts, VERY lewd).

Ultimately the amount of time this page took is unacceptable, if I cant do 2 pages per week, Im not being efficient enough. So heres my suggestion to you: Since I learned a lot from these past 3 pages in different areas, let me go fulltime for one more week on this Raven series, making follow up pages to this comic. If by next week the wait is as bad as this week and I cant at least bring 2 new ones within the week, Ill drop Raven and go back to my original comics which are a lot faster and easier to make cause of the looser style.

Either way I hope you like it and I hopefully see you in a few days with the next one...

thanks for your patience this week