Little revisit of my Vault Girl, havent really been playing Fallout lately anymore, but I always have a soft spot for her. I wouldnt rule out more Perk Girls like her in the near future.

Only small update for this weekend, but I still wanted to draw something for you on Christmas Day.

This week I lost a few days cause I was trying to fix the SWF loading issues that was affecting some of the animations like Gaper Mario. A recent software update on the site caused it.(I know a lot of you have probably not even noticed cause they are old flashes, but its important to me that the site functions correctly.) I couldn't figure out what was causing it, so I reworked the way the caching works, which wasn't the issue in the end but took me hours to do! A friend managed to figure out what was wrong and its all fixed now. At least the caching is improved now which is the silver lining on that little ordeal.

Im working on bigger lewder things, I hope to show you real soon.

Have a merry christmas my friends, I hope Santa brings you what you wish for and you get to spend some quality time with your friends and family.