Hey Scoob, you seem different today, did you get a haircut or something?

the ammount of redraws, repaints and other changes, like hands, face, hair and boobs I did with this one is quite frankly stupid. The indecisiveness is something I must avoid in the future for the sake of my time and sanity. Heres a little idea of what that some of that looks like, and I started 6 of these at once, and kept working on each of them without finishing them, which should give you a bit of an idea what Ive been up to the entirety of last week. I pulled to 48 hour sessions and still was not satisfied enough with either one to post it. It was excellent practice though.

Im going to probably finish another one or 2 of the Velma pinups I started and might just show some of the others as scraps/wips or save them for a different project later.

The good news is, Im much more confident in my painting now and I think Im starting to get better at drawing Velmas face.