The Samus Aaran dog breed.

Ive been doing a lot of figure drawings, which also gave me the opportunity to experiment with new coloring styles, this is the first pinup I painted using the Airbrush tool instead of the regular pencil tool in sai, it allows me to achieve a better softness, where I can evaluate the contrast in black and white before coloring the final version, to make sure the body structure is somewhat visible.

Here is what the black and white contrast looks like:

I have other examples showing this new process in greater detail, however Im going to hold off with showing any wip of those yet, since Im not sure if Ill be using them for upcoming projects/pinups. Anything I end up scrapping for sure, I can potentially show as wips in future posts.

Also not every new update is going to take this long, I got a bit carried away with practice. Been drawing nonstop and have been developing a greater confidence when it comes to painting. I want to achieve better shapes and figures and that requires alot of trial and error. I have a long way to go.

To the loyal long time visitors, thankyou for your patience with me on my quest to improvement, I hope it shall lead to better looking content.