Originally this was just a birthday gift for a friend. But I decided to add a little extra.

You can use your keyboard to play around with her.

How to play with her:

V = Hard thrust

Down Arrow = Soft thrust

Spacebar = Climax

R = Reset (after Climax)


PS: The Character is Riona by Cadenza Art

Major thanks to Scorp29 for all the effort on coding the Flash, he’s been a huge help throughout Shadbase.


I hope you enjoyed the 2 weeks of filler content

I’m boarding my flight to start my new life in the states today, if everything goes well we can go back to the regular comic routine next week.

I will continue where I left off with the Teen Titans comic two weeks ago. For those who are still asking for The Last Orifice continuation: I HAVE LOST INTEREST I WONT BE DOING ANY NEW PAGES. I got a really busy schedule, many many things to draw, and id rather focus on new and exciting projects.

See you in America, I’ve got TONS planned for Shadbase

-Shadman over and out