Six Feet Distance or Six Feet Under

Past 2 weeks have been a bit scuffed for me, Im hoping I can start putting out 2 posts per week again as usual but Im glad I got at least the one done. (on top of that this post was up for hours without me noticing that I accidentally put in 5th instead of 4th month, so it was scheduled and didnt show up for the public, thats a first.)

I might do a simpler art style for a while so I can give you some frequent posts during the lockdown this month, but I dont want to rush ideas and other things Im working on, but ill try and figure something out.

I was practicing female backs and I ended up going down a hogtie rabbit hole to try and wrap my head around how the different muscles, bones, fat, and other tissue interacts with each other depending on the way they are twisted, and whether they are relaxed or strained. All pretty difficult stuff for me, but Its worth just boldly trying to do things you know you arent all that good at, how else will I ever learn.

Here are some of the test poses, I started doing others too that arent hogtie related, got a whole set on frontal and ass focused stuff, but Im not sure if Ill make a Scene 2 of this, I know bondage is a theme not everyone enjoys and combine that with blacked and its 2 things people wont stop complaining about, but either way let me know what you think and if youd like to see perhabs another more severe punishment.

I blacked it out a bit and kept them ,lw res in case I want to finalize some of them later.