This week, id like to paint some Velmas based on her appearance from the newest film. Its a good opportunity to brush up on my more refined painting and try to get more practice in on that. Im going to be updating with new pinups as I get them done, Im not sure how many Ill be able to finish this week, lets see if I am underestimating how long its going to take.

There will of course be lewder ones than this, but I needed to start somewhere, a fully clothed one felt like a good way to get a feel for the character, as usual tell me what you like and dont like about them, so I can adjust my painting style accordingly, lets have a productive week, see you soon with the next one.


Update regarding the Starfire x Raven comic:

I spent the entire friday and Saturday roughing out the final panels, and came to the realisation that the "final page" will need to be split up into 2 pages afterall, they are the most elaborate and lewdest pages of the set, and  it would be a shame to rush them now that I am close to wrapping it up. However before tackling the finale of the comic, Im going to take a mental break from it this week and do this Velma thing.