Small change of plans, the new Sonic trailer dropped earlier this week, and Im going make a few Sonic edits today like I did last time, lets keep the tradition going. Partially cause of the high requests, and partially cause I kind of want to. Here are the first few, will be adding a few more to the post throughout the day.

Hopefully if all goes well, I should be able to drop some of the first results of my new Velma stuff on the weekend, her face is giving me a lot more trouble to draw than I thought, but I haven't given up yet.

Edit: So Im going to leave it at these 7 edits, I started more I ended up scrapping cause this post has been up long enough and its time to move on.

I did start on an ass shot of sonic, but that one is a painting and not an edit, since Im painting it from scratch myself using all Ive learned from these edits. But ill work on that slowly as the month progresses so I can prioritize something that isnt Sonic next. Youll get to see the ass part sometime later this month if I can finish it in time.