With the borders and other little effects in the comic I tried and simulate the feel of looking at it through it as a twitch chat viewer, but its more of a stylistic choice, since it doesnt really follow the rules of a set camera, and you can see things that wouldnt be on cam, like the mom walking in.

With one of the ass spread pannels I tried and simulate the effects of getting real close to a cam creating a sort of fish eye lens effect.

Also depending on how close the cam was, I added more detail to the shading and body as if you were getting closer to a light source (the monitor and desk lights in this case)

And as usual packed the page full of tiny eastereggs and references, there is a lot in thise one for those of you who like to clam through stuff and look for them.

Im goin to share other bonuses like some of the more up close background assests aswell as maybe a full set of all the cheerleader notifications, but id rather wait with that till I get more done, since I havent used/finished all of it yet.

for those who would want a more hd version of that charizard, I do have it yes, but ill share it later.