misspaulingxIts always fun to get a new contract from miss Pauling.

I had to draw her after spending alot of time this week playing TF2 cause of the new Gun Mettle update. Just when I thought I was out of TF2, they pull me back in!

That game has been like an on and off relationship, and I keep going back for more. Its truly the best online shooter out there in my opinion.

As some of you already know, since you have been playing with me quite a bit, you can join my Steam Group if you want to catch a Team Fortress 2 match with me.

I never have any luck finding any cool items, so i didnt find any rare new weapons yet from the Gun Mettle update. What about you guys any of you having any luck with Paulings Contracts?

Also whats your favourite class? I love playing as Heavy so Im always happy to see Medic help showing up.