Lynn is taking her little sister for a walk, but she didnt bring any waste bags! People like her disgust me.

Hey look a new Loud House post out of nowhere! Not exactly out of nowhere, just yesterday I uploaded this weeks commentary video, and I adress the whole Loli controversy, I used a bunch of Loud House footage for it, and it made me want to do some more of of the sisters.


p0Also this is based on a sketch Shmutz did for me, reason for him doing it, is cause we are collabing on a 3 page comic of these 2, which you should be seeing the results of very soon.

Im simplifying his sketches to make them look more like the cartoon cause I personally find that more appealing, but I will also share the originals in the description here. In any case I recommend following Shmutz if you are into more taboo type of Loli art, he does mainly that and because of it, is hidden in relative obscurity. You should encourage him to make more.