Been a while since I tried to paint a simple pinup. Thought it would be a good opportunity to do so while trying to come up with some new ideas for comics. My main focus during 2019 will be the new comic format Ive been doing lately, but Ill try to keep painting something every now and then, sorry this one is a bit simple, I might try another more complex Gwen later this week.

Ive been comic up with new comic concepts, and hopefully by next week I should be back by my regular new page every 2 days update schedule, I hope you are going to like what I got in store.

And speaking of pinups, Im also going back to having my shop regularly stocked with posters, so I put the new Raven one up including some other ones from last year, for those who have been asking about getting prints.

I have a bit of a messy start to my 2019, but we should be back to regular business soon, my mind is kind of a mess at the moment, for some reason Im lacking the confidence I used to have by just making new stuff and tend to overthink things, so I end up scrapping a lot and wasting my time.

But either way thanks for sticking with me, I know a lot of you just want new porn.