Have a good nights rest over the weekend. 

I got more Raven pages in the works, been really into drawing her again for some reason, these have been challenging but very fun so far. If there are any themes/ fetishes you'd like to see with Raven, let me know, maybe ill like some of the suggestions and can include them in some of the panels, since these pages have so many of them.

That being said, there will be simpler comics and pinups again, but ill also try and keep these massive complex pages going. Ill try and think of some new original designs again as well. But I dont mind bringing back rule34 as a major theme around here, it will help me with my drawing practices.

And dont worry not all of these Raven pages will be about her ass (but most of them probably will be). Regardless of what Im working on, Ill try and keep doing the 2 weekly updates minimum. Doing 2 instead of 3 updates has given me a lot less stress and more time to practice and put care into these comics.

Thanks for checking out the new page and have a nice weekend, see you next week, or check by in my stream on sunday to say hi.