After playing around with the Leviosah spell in the last pic, Ginny couldnt help but to taste that Mudblood ass. Continuation of my Hermione set I started earlier, told you Id do more!

I will be re-arranging the archive a bit in the coming days, so if something isnt where it was before, I just moved it, so things will appear in proper sequence.

Also I should have one more update this week on sunday, but Ill post that to Shagbase.


Speaking of sites, yesterday we cracked the 4000s of Alexa rankings on Shadbase, that is insane, I would have never expected this much traffic on my private little site, I hope I can keep the server up and running consistently for your enjoyment. Thankyou for being such a fucking awesome community!

On further Shadbase related news, in the past 2 weeks Ive been having alot of fun in TF2 with the Steam Group, it really helped me to get invested into the game all over again. We also just reached 7K+ Members last night, so thanks for joining! If youre on Steam and into multiplayer games at all make sure to join there!


See you soon with the next update! Have a nice weekend, and maybe Ill even see you ingame!

Stay Angry