Here is the redraw of the Bessica page with Helen and Vi. I usually dont do this, but as some of you know, many projects and concepts I usually sketch out with different characters to see what I would like better.

In this case Family Vacation almost was a project with Beth and Jessica instead (first it was Beth and Summer, then Beth and female Morty), but I turned it into Helen and Vi. But I still decided to finish one page of with with Rick and Morty girls.

Here you can see the first sketches of the other pages, figured some of you might find it interesting to see what could have been.

Also I kept in the dicks even in this version for some of the cry babys.

Regardless, I know you might think why not turn every post into multiple versions with different characters, but the truth is that even redraws like this take a lot of time, so Id rather keep moving forward with all new posts and all new characters/themes and poses.

Hope you have been enjoying all these Summer themed updates, Ill keep more stuff coming later this week.