Vault-Meat decided to visit Little Lamplight, last mistake of her life! They've never seen a Mungo so well equipped like her, so this one they want to keep. They need something to keep morale up in the mines, Knock-Knock hasn't been providing lately.

Sorry about the delay with this post, I meant to release this on Sunday, but I ended up making more versions than initially planned (I hope you like them.) 4th of July is also partially to blame, and the recent Fallout 3 streams on my Twitch.

Speaking of which, I have been suspended for 24 hours on Twitch cause of the nudity in my modded play-through. I will either disable the nude mod in the future, or move on to a different game for streams. Would you be interested in DayZ? Cause I have been getting into that more recently. Id like to stream more on Twitch cause Ive had alot of fun hanging out with you guys.

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Either way there will be more Fallout content soon.

No new perk-girl this time, but if youd like a version without the boys, you can get that here.