I made a new video on drawing backgrounds, getting a bit into how I go about doing them, if youre interested.

Gonna try to keep my promise in making more videos, if you havent yet, make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel thankyou!

Furthermore, the constant streaming has really been helping me maintaining my sanity lately, and the Discord coupled with the Twitch Streams has been a huge help for me in staying in touch with the community. I know im a bit of a bastard sometimes, but I genuinely try to be fair to everyone while maintaining all of this.

I know there has been a lot of safe for work stuff from me lately, thats partially to blame cause I have been streaming a lot on Twitch. Sometimes I just done feel all that much like drawing porn and if I dont want to I wont force myself to do it. A lot of you probably know that Shadbase was originally not even about porn, the extreme themes is just something I gravitate to more often then not.

There will be more really explicit stuff by me soon. But that being said you can also expect to see more stuff like this.

So it means a lot that so many of you have been giving my Twitch Channel so much love and support, we just yesterday hit 50k followers there, which is huge for me. Thankyou!