Ditto has been through a lot lately, lets do something nice for him and take him to the movies.

A bit of an update regarding the site:

I decided to do away with the outdated menu bar, since it mostly linked to things that were obsolete at this point such as the "about" or "donate" tab.

You can click on that button right there above the page to get to the full archive, however Im also in the process of removing the sections right now to replace it with a better archive system involving chapters/themes rather than genres, which ended up being confusing.

On further news I have started to clean up the archive a bit, I will be removing most if not all large video files as well as a lot of guest content that has little to do with the site.

What is also being removed is really old work that I think just dilutes the comic too much.

Alot of it you probably wont even notice, just letting you know that I am cleaning up a bit. 

Im going through every single post personally and manually deciding weather it should still be a part of the site or not, its mostly ancient stuff from back in the "shagbase" era, some of you might remember who have been with me from the beginning.

I hope you are having a nice day, let me know if you have any good suggestions/ideas how to categorize the archive in a way that you find more clear. I might also include some kind of Tag system if necessary.

Im working on this update while also making new pages, so its a gradual process and will take till probably next week.

These changes along with some technical php updates should make the site prepared for the future with new content always on the way.

EDIT: Ive seen a few concerned comments already about the archive, Im NOT removing alot of stuff, Im NOT removing the archive categories, Im working on remaking it better. Im going to even go back and supplement older posts with further sketches and other related stuff I did at the time. This is a change that will be for better organisation and so you can better find my comics and pinups. I dont want to take away content you've come to love, I want to overall make the site better for everyone, give me till next week to flesh it all out.

and if theres specific content a lot of people miss I can always reinstate it.