At last I made a new page, lets get back on track. Going forward I wont be doing the 3 pages week upload schedule anymore, looking back it was a pretty mental amount to try and come up with and draw within a week. Instead Ill do 1 or 2 pages per week and post more random other stuff inbetween like pinups or other more experimental paintings. This will allow me to stream more and spend less time on the computer so I can spend more time with irl friends and family while I still can. I need to do this to avoid burnout which I now have learned is a very real thing.

I hope you understand this necessary change. Thanks for checking In and Im really happy to have found passion again in drawing. Sorry for those who were concerned about me, at the end of the day even weirdos like me need a break every now and then.

Here is also a little painting I did for fun:


check out CakeNameless drew the still nameless girl, what should her name be going forward?