The young Witcher Ciri proudly showing off her trophies to the land, she has slayed them all herself.

This was inspired by the way you can mount the bosses you defeat on your Horse in Witcher 3.

Which "trophy" do you think has it worse? While Triss will be having a hard time breathing, while enduring most of the tall grass and branches, not to mentioning suffering the ballstench and horse semen, Yennefer is being hit with the full potency of stallion pheromones, its enough to drive a mare into heat, so naturally its making her far more fragile, female human mind melt away.

I figured I would draw all 3 Witcher girls together with a Horse before ending the Witcher Horse series.  I probably will be drawing them again in the future cause I quite like the trio, but will most likely be without the Horse(s). I hope you enjoyed Yennefer, Ciri and Triss tending to the Horses.





See you soon with the next post.