He spent the rest of his Summer in the hospital.


Here is a little update to those who have been wondering whats been going on with the Archive:

So I Implemented the new archive button (top left) that will be leading to the categorized section, however it currently still leads to the old placeholder archive, till I can get together a better system.

I want to take a moment here to adress what exactly has been removed.

Its been quite the experience running and drawing for shadbase, as some of you may know I originally made this site way back on september 11 2011, so its been about 8 years now.

I was quite young when I started it and have lived through a lot while doing it, lived in 3 different countries, made countless moves, made friends and enemies alike. The original intention of the site was to make comics and host my content, however "edgy" it may be.

Ive grown up a lot since and dont like some of the directions the site has taken over the years, and been meaning to clean up for a while now.

So here are the main points:

-Animations: As you know I dont animate, so most of the animations where guest content, aside from a few of my own attempts and collaborative efforts. Out of bandwidth reasons I removed all large video files, since they accumulated quite a bit and I was going well over my bandwidth limits to host work that wasn't my own, I had to make the call to remove them if I wanted to keep putting out my own stuff, this was never supposed to be a rule34 collection site, just my personal archive. You can find all the animations
by animopron, zonkpunch and others on countless other sites.

-Jlullaby: Some of you may know that he has stopped making art work and is doing other things with his life, you shouldn't keep asking me what he is up to, Im not his secretary, if you really care about him try and get in touch with him yourself. That being said, id like to keep up his archive for the most part (except for some of the borderline toddlercon drawings)

-Spazkid: I will also be keeping up most of spazkids work, except for some of the completely random oc commissions I feel arent really related to shadbase at all, I posted those at the time as filler because I was running a secondary
site for stuff like that (shagbase) which eventually got merged with shadbase, which is why some of those posts ended up on here.

-Smoli: Same with my gore phase back then, Im done with the loli phase and dont plan on revisiting it, Im not really into it and would rather spend my time drawing things Im actually interested in. Dont expect anything new of that genre, you probably noticed I stopped drawing it a while ago, but just clarifying for those asking for more, Im 100 percent done with it. Most of my old posts will remain, with the exception of a few really old ones that where originally on shagbase.

-rule34 stuff and pinups: Im probably going to do fully painted pinups again eventually, lately my focus has been more on comics but that could change. As far as rule34 stuff goes, thats also something I could see myself doing more of 
eventually, but I kind of grew ouf ot my obsessions with certain characters like helen parr and other cartoons, so dont except anything as elaborate in that direction as I used to do, whenever people ask me for more coraline or more Incestibles its like asking me to be someone Im not anymore. All my old rule34 stuff and pinups will remain.

-streams: I havent streamed in months cause I wanted to focus on making new content and really figure out what I actually want to work on. The streams where a lot of fun but they where also distracting mentally, its a lot of positive reinforcment about things that arent necessarily me anymore. I needed to figure out on my own what I actually still like about drawing/ running shadbase. Im probably going to go back to streaming again at some point when I feel like I earned it, because I do miss it.

None of these changes are designed to fuck you over in some way, or scam you into giving me anything, the main goal is to make the site completely focused on my own content and to lessen the unnecessary bandwidth consumption.

If you have any suggestions on what kind of system/ categories you'd like to see the site sorted in let me know.

And if I forgot to address anything, also let me know.

I think that pretty much covers everything, I hope this clarifies some of your questions.

If these changes bother you or make you angry that wasn't my intention, Im not asking for money, Im not asking you to visit, but id like to keep full control over my own site.

I know there is going to be a lot of outcry and complaints about censorship and whatnot, the truth is I just dont care anymore about defending certain themes, since I have no passion for them and would rather focus on things I do care about while I still do/can.

I was never a money driven person, I was just a edgy kid back then who wanted to make comics and needed a place to host them, which unexpectedly became my full time career. Id like to keep the site grounded as my own personal little place.

Weather I decide to keep doing this full time in the future Im not sure yet, but Id like to keep it around and keep going for now.

thanks for visiting


And also, do you think the old randomized banner is neat or would you rather have no banner so you have to scroll less to see the content?