Elizabeth with a slightly larger bust than she originally has. I tried painting with no line-art again.



This was originally going to be the cover for a tit-focused Bioshock Infinite comic project, very similar to the previous "Anal at sea", just tit focused instead of ass. But I'm all "Lizzed out" currently and don't feel like drawing anymore Elizabeth at the moment. For now consider "Infititt" a potential future project, same as "Anal at Sea" originally was. I will rearrange all the past Bioshock content in the coming days, so they are all together and thus easier to navigate trough.

I am currently also working on a Frankie Foster comic project, which I am working on alongside the coming project, but wont post till later, but the process has already started.I will also rearrange allot of other content cause of what I will be posting next week, so don't be alarmed if you think something is missing, its probably just been moved around. You can also always use the searchbar or go to the archive to find something specific. (In case you have missed the last poll where Frankie came in second after Elizabeth again, you can see it here.)

As far as whats next, you probably already know whats coming, it had to come sooner or later...


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