Elizabeth had the hots for Booker ever since the moment she saw him, I could tell the way she was looking at him. Meeting a handsome strong man after being locked up in that tower for so long, made her unable to hold back the primal urges. Being a guy, Booker has no objection in fornicating with a barely legal beautiful young girl like her, if only he knew...

I had to draw this after finishing Bioshock Infinite, its such a great premise for a sex scene. I really love that game, it has been a great experience overall.

If the interest is here I might do one last Elizabeth Post on Shadbase before moving on. Either way I got tons of new content heading towards Shad- and Shadbase, so stick around.

Till next time

-Mr. Shadewitt

PS: If you played Bioshock Infinite and have any ideas for the last Elizabeth pic, feel free to let me know. I might actually consider doing it if I like it.