Its time to start off the little Overwatch project, which is the theme I plan to focus on for the next weeks.

I dont know about you, but I personally really hope Overwatch will be a good game, cause its about time something new comes along that can compete with TF2, as much as I like Team Fortress 2, we need something new!

First I wanted to feature the Reaper, cause I personally like him a lot... I know hes got a smoking hot body under that coat and has submissive side.

Thanks those who stopped by in the stream while drawing him.

I got a little collabiration help this time, from a new artist, who is new to drawing hentai in general. He goes by "Nitrile Art" on his Tumblr, Hentai Foundry and Newgrounds, and he does super adorable traps, and has a very asian style!

See you soon with more "Anal-watch!"