It’s been a week, but I’m finally able to update Shadbase with new content again.

I hope you like the direction the new design is going. There will be more tweaks, layout changes and even new functions and some other overhauls, but the basics of the new look is done. As usual feel free to suggest new things or point out changes you don’t like.

To answer some of your questions: The new background can be downloaded as a jpeg here, and yes there will be new and more banners,  even some of the old ones will make a return, but for now this one will have to do, I will add more in January.

As for the Metal Gear series, I have been working on a second page for the Sniper Wolf comic, but I cancelled it cause I got too busy with the 2014 design. Then a friend gave me the Bioshock collection for Christmas, and Id honestly much rather play Burial at Sea than Metal Gear, so Ill return to the series once Im in the MGS mood again, consider it added to the repertoire of themes I can always come back to in 2014. Plus playing Bioshock is the perfect excuse to finally draw more of Elizabeth, like I promised before.

On further news since I will be going to Magfest in a few days this will be my last post on Shadbase in 2013, (you can expect one more on Shagbase though.) There’s a high chance I will do more Bioshock related content next, but either way I won’t be able to get any work done from the 2nd till the 6th  since Magfest will be a few days (This will be my first vacation in more than 2 years). Once I’m back I will continue business as usual.

Heres a short look back at 2013:

It’s been the first year for Shädbase that it has gone a entire year solely focusing on erotic artwork, and it’s also been the first full year for ShaGbase. By the end of the year both sites have reached traffic rankings far beyond my wildest dreams, I’ve also had the fortune to be sponsored by the great FLAA inc. in spring, which have been a great financial help in keeping the weekly posts flowing. In Summer year I got Spazkid on board as a second artist and animator, who has been a outstanding service and a very dear friend, there’s no better artist I could wish for as a secondary content provider. You can count on his presence and activity in the future as well, he has a lot of really neat ideas up his sleeve.

Another  big influence to me was changing country yet again and moving to the states, where I got to meet a lot of really nice people from the art community, which have been very good friends to me and helped me feel more accepted in the community along with having a more positive outlook on people and life in general.

So in retrospect, 2013 was a very valuable year to myself and Shadbase.

It’s time to move on to 2014, with vigor in my heart I will rape, pillage and murder my way through the internet more vehement than ever before!

Thanykou for your visit

See you next year


PS: Im not really into the whole christmas thing, but how were your holidays?